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GGB Warm Thanksgiving Gift Selections, Express Your Appreciation Now

GGB Warm Thanksgiving Gift Selections, Express Your Appreciation Now

posted: 2022-11-22 22:00:00 +0800

The once-a-year Thanksgiving festival is about to come. Thanksgiving festival happens on the fourth Thursday of November each year, which is the 24th this month. Although it is not a legal holiday in HK, but it has been familiar to most of us. We ever received Thanksgiving gifts specially for us and from the company or shopping malls, at the same time we sent thanks giving gifts with gratitude. Our customer carefully attached sincere handwritten wording to the gifts and the few plain word strongly arouse our emotion. Who would you like to thank in the upcoming Thanks giving festival?

History of Thanks Giving Festival

Thanks giving starts out of the kind gesture of Indians who selfless rescued British refugees and generously shared their daily necessities 400 year ago. In 1620, the British pilgrims escaped to North America from the native religious persecution, where they suffered great hardship and starvation in the cold winter. The kind Indians accepted these strangers from far-away, provided them with daily necessary and seeds, taught them the skills of hunting, fishing and and growing plants. Later the British refugees obtained an ample harvest and lived a settled life there. The next year they host banquet and serve cuisine of wild-caught turkey and crops in order to treat the selfless Indian friends and thank god for his favor. Life of hunting and fishing seems remote ,yet Thanksgiving is constituted a legal holiday in North America and pass down, whose tradition of giving gifts and expressing gratitude reminds people to always bear appreciation in heart, be kind to help and maintain the noble characteristic of devotion.

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France style rose florist bouquet

The Core and Customs of Thanksgiving Festival

Thanksgiving is a national holiday in North America and people are usually granted a day off on Thanksgiving. Some American companies also offer Friday as a holiday so that the employees can enjoy a four-day holiday altogether. The next day of Thanks giving is known as Black Friday the shopping carnival when the shops offer big sales and shoppers crowed in the shops and make big purchase of whatever they consider a good deal. Black Friday signifies the start of Christmas preparation. Thanksgiving is meant to thank and give. According to the customs, people prepare gifts and hampers ahead of time and give the recipient in person on Thanksgiving Day. Starting from 18 century, some upper-class ladies decided to do charity on Thanksgiving and give back to the society. The U.S. president by chance created the tradition and follow it to absolve a Turkey from death on Thanksgiving Day. The lucky turkey will  spend the rest of his life happily in the farm nearby. Thanksgiving is to North American family as the Mid-Autumn festival is to us. Americans gather with their family and have a feast. They also meet friends in the holiday. The traditional food of Thanksgiving includes turkey, corn, mashed potatoes with gravy,  pumpkin pie and cranberry jam tart.

Prepare the Thanksgiving Gift for He and She

1.The Colleagues

A new working mom writes her thanksgiving gift card this way: Thank you so much for taking care of the team so that I spent a relaxed confinement. Wish our dear pretty Carmen sis happy every day, alway punch out on time. I will return as soon as I can next month, hang in there for a while. How lucky i am to have a colleague like you. The confinement period can be exhausting for the mom and the family. While in the company, dedicated colleagues undertake extra workload from her post and backs her up unconditionally. When preparing the Thanksgiving gifts, one of them should be sent to your teammates with whom you work along well. You can thank the colleagues and your superior on Thanksgiving festival for their kindness and patience, for their continuous support and their sharing of suggestion and knowledge.  They help you overcome your shortcomings.

2.The Friends

Thanksgiving is the comfortable timing to reach out. Occupied with life under the Covid-19 circumstance, people meet their friends less often. Meanwhile you should not let distance alienate your friendship. You’ll never forget your true friends who pull you out of difficult situations and who always stand up for you in need. A thoughful Thanksgiving gifts at door tells how much you miss them.

3.The Clients

There are stern clients who only interact on work-related matters, while they always feedback on time and propose reasonable requirements. They entrust their business to you year by year. Sending Thanksgiving gifts to these loyal clients shows your gratitude for their long-time support and your promise of future quality service.

4.The Parents

If you ask anyone randomly on the street who they would want to thank the most,I supposed most people will first think of their parents. We are forever grateful for their selfless providing, care and education. Some parents even spontaneously helps to look after grandchildren full time or occasionally.

5.The Life Partner

There’s this one person you should thank but you may not have realized, which is your life partner. The family chores and responsibility of raising children are shared by the couple, they undertake different duties and complete each other, they will support and fulfill their lifelong commitment of companionship regardless of good circumstance or bad. Prepare a nice bouquet ,a piece of jewelry and a boutique gift to thank for his or her contribution, talk and understand without complaints, get more involved and undertake more family responsibilities.

6.The good teacher and life tutor

You may have met one or two good teacher who ever lighted your path and you know how lucky you are. Though teacher is an occupation, the good teacher takes it as their mission. They are absorbed in teaching, make knowledge alive in the classroom, care about students and lead them to the right path. Many people make their career decision due to the inspiration of an important teacher. No matter if you just start working or have graduated for a long time, you feel grateful when you remind of your good teachers. Send the Thanksgiving gift to them and thank them for so much devoted tutoring and enlightenment in study and your growth.

If you reflect seriously and you will find many people and things that you owe a thank you to. Besides our family and friends, every day we accept help from people who is not even close to us as well. Don’t withhold your thankful words and don’t compromise your intention to give back. Always be grateful and try to help others in need, as the song goes: “This connection gives strength and draws our care and concerns at the same time. We should be grateful for what we have and what we are. “In the balance of give and take, we become more content and powerful and learn to live our daily life gracefully.

GGB Thanksgiving Gift selections     

Cupcake hamper

The reason of recommendation: Sending gifts of fruit tart and flower basket set fits Thanksgiving tradition. Popular Agnes B fruit tart is freshly baked and tasty. Fresh flower basket is designed through purple roses, pink Lisianthus white Lisianthus  arrangements, filled with vitality.